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Toilet Renovations

Toilet Renovations

The toilet is a commonly renovated space in homes, offices and commercial building.

A functional toilet is essential to maintain good hygiene. For some, it is their private sanctuary to think and escape the chaos of daily life. A comfortable, well-ventilated and visually pleasing toilet is always welcome!

Is your toilet due for an update?

Spotless Traders carries out toilet renovations and repairs in Melbourne. Home and business owners  use our services to:

  • Facilitate the needs of aged or disabled family members/guests/clients/tenants/other users
  • Tear down their existing bathroom and build a bigger and/or better one
  • Make mainly aesthetic changes to their bathroom and/or toilet
  • Add extra features that increase the functionality and feel of their toilet
  • Perform repairs, add new hardware or replace parts
What changes transform a toilet?

A great toilet design offers users comfort and convenience. This can mean different things, and knowing what they are will help you plan your toilet renovation correctly.

1. Logical layout

It is unlikely that a toilet in a Melbourne home will have an illogical design. When toilet fixtures are positioned poorly, they create health and safety risks. If you’re not entirely satisfied with the layout of your toilet or want to remodel your entire bathroom, here are some things that can be done:

  • Ensure the ideal sink height of 70-75 cms
  • Install the showerhead at 200 cm above the floor
  • Ensure a comfortable shower area of 75 cm by 75 cm
  • Create a bigger passageway in front of the toilet

2. Update tiles

Dated and dirty tiles are one of the biggest reasons for requesting toilet renovations in Melbourne. Painting tiles is cost-effective but getting new ceramic or porcelain tiles will instantly improve the look and feel of your toilet. Acrylic panels, stainless steel and marble are alternatives to consider.

3. Fixtures

Fittings and fixtures account for a large share of the total costs of renovating your toilet. With so many options to choose from, meeting your requirements and budget isn’t difficult. However, you’ll need expert advice on making informed choices quickly. Our team will help you pick out toilet and bath fixtures in alignment with your style, accessibility, functional, and water efficiency goals.

4.  Ventilation

A toilet is one of the most used areas of a home. If your toilet feels stuffy due to a lack of adequate ventilation, you may want to get out of there as soon as you can! When you have guests over, they will also have to endure your suffocating toilet. Adding an exhaust fan will help to some extent, but a window is better. This is because a window lets in fresh air, reducing condensation for greater comfort and preventing the growth of mould and mildew.

Quality toilet renovation services in Melbourne

Spotless Trades is among the leading toilet renovation companies in Melbourne. Home and building owners trust us for:

  • Superior quality workmanship and work warranty that acts as a safety net for you
  • Transparent communication on renovation plans and deadline (lock in commencement and end dates)
  • Minimal disruption during renovation

Book a slot for a home visit and explore your options in toilet renovation with our team.