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Shower Repairs

Shower Leak Repairs Melbourne

Shower leak detection and repairs in Melbourne isn't a DIY job. Our experts have the technical expertise and experience to get the job done right the first time.
shower leak detection and repairs Melbourne

Bathroom renovation and repairs are our core service. Our bathroom shower leak detection and repairs in Melbourne cover the common problems that affect showers and wet rooms in homes and commercial buildings.

Common bathroom shower problems

We address a variety of shower problems, including:

Leaking shower heads

Often, damaged inner seals are to blame for dripping shower heads. The rubber washers in your shower provide a tight seal between your shower head and shower hose to prevent leakage. Over time, they wear down and cause water to leak out.

If changing the rubber washer doesn’t help, the problem can be with the shower valve that sits behind the shower faucet. It can suffer damage over time and get clogged due to water residue.

Other reasons for leaking shower heads include a weak drain connection or a deteriorated shower tray seal. An early and accurate diagnosis from us will fix the leak correctly and prevent further water wastage.

Waterproofing failure

A leaking shower may be down to waterproofing failure within the shower recess. Waterproofing failure is a common defect found during building inspections. It is identified by a breakdown of wall paint, plastic or wall paper on the outer wall of the shower recess.

A comprehensive solution is to remove the tiles in the shower recess, repair or replace the waterproof membrane, and retile the area. A cheaper fix is to regrout and reseal the tiles around the shower area. But it is a temporary solution if the waterproof membrane is damaged or the water damage in walls is severe.

Our team has experience in bathroom shower leak detection and repairs in Melbourne homes and commercial establishments. We can find the reason for the leak, assess the water damage, and recommend a suitable solution.

Blocked shower

You already know hair, dirt and soap residue are behind those pesky shower blockages. Sometimes though, there may be bigger blockages inside your drainage system.

A blocked shower drain can be caused by broken pipes in your home plumbing or a bad pipe installation that you discover after moving into a new property. Our technicians will identify the source of the problem, and carry out the necessary repairs and replacements to the pipework.

Low water pressure

A low water pressure in the shower will prevent you from showering and bathing properly. The problem is commonly caused by a clogged shower head but can also be traced to a deteriorated valve, partially open shut off valve, leaking pipe or water restrictor (e.g. in rental homes or apartments).

You can remove the water restrictor, clean the shower head or ensure that your water shut off valve is open all the way. If these fixes don’t work, request our shower repair services in Melbourne.

Don’t let leaking showers become an expensive problem

What appears like a seemingly small issue with your shower can grow into a bigger problem that takes thousands of dollars to fix. In case of a leakage, you will also be using excess water and dealing with mould and mildew.

Spotless Trades performs different types of bathroom shower repairs. Whether you have a clogged, noisy or dripping shower head/faucet, or issues with low water pressure, your bathroom spout or shower drain pipe, we have the solutions. We back our work with a decade of workmanship guarantee. Try our shower repairs in Melbourne risk-free.