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Laundry Renovations

Laundry Renovations Melbourne

The laundry room can be just as beautiful and functional as other areas of your house. The Spotless Trades team has many inviting, soothing and efficient laundry renovations Melbourne ideas.
Laundry Renovations Melbourne
Why renovate your laundry room?

When it comes to laundry renovations in Melbourne, the room doesn’t receive the same attention as other rooms. But since you spend a considerable amount of time washing and drying clothes in your laundry room, you should consider updating the space.

We advise renovation for laundry rooms that have started looking dated. If you have a bathroom renovation planned, it’s a good idea to include your laundry room to it.

Another reason to consider laundry renovations in Melbourne is if you want to move your laundry room to a different part of the house. This can actually become necessary if you want to make your laundry room bigger but you cannot do it by opening up the walls.

What goes into renovating your  laundry room?
Designing your laundry room remodel

What do you wish to achieve with your laundry room remodel? Are you primarily interested in enhancing the room’s visual appeal or increase its functionality, or both? During your consultation, we will explain – based on your requirements – if it is possible to make changes within the existing space or more preparation is needed.

Decide the layout

What is your laundry room lacking now that a more logical design will fix? Do you want to be able to do laundry in a different way? We will plan a layout accordingly.

In planning the layout, we will consider requirements such as:

  • Do you need to add windows or light fixtures?
  • Do you need a new spot for steaming or ironing clothes?
  • Do you need space for a hanging rod?
  • Do you need more cabinets or storage spaces?
  • Will you need to move plumbing and electrical to add new appliances?

We help you select durable and water-resistant flooring material.


There are different types and combinations of storage you can consider. We’ll help you decide the right size based on the measurements of your laundry room.


Choose a durable, non-porous and low-maintenance countertop material.


Choose a sink design that complements you existing home design. A deep sink is a practical choice to soak and handwash clothes. A drop-in sink is easier to replace when the time comes. An undermount sink offers easier maintenance.


Laundry renovation FAQs

1. Does renovating the laundry room add value to homes?

Adding more storage space and creating a more functional laundry room will add to your property’s value. If you’re planning to put your home on the market in the near future, our laundry renovations Melbourne and repairs can help your home’s resale value.


2. How long does it take to renovate a laundry room?

A standard laundry room renovation usually takes about a week. Timelines will change depending on the size of the room,  demolition required, and level of customisation.


3. Can we stay in our home during the renovation?

Yes, laundry renovation generally doesn’t require occupants to move out. We carry out work with minimal disruption.


Book your consultation today

Get started with your bathroom renovation in Melbourne with an on-site evaluation. If you give us the go-ahead, we will create renovation plans. After you’ve signed the contract, we will hand over a copy of the plan to you.