Why You Should Use Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy Floor Coatings

If you are refurbishing your flooring, epoxy floor coating will help transform your space while strengthening your flooring. While you are at it, you should look out for the best wall and floor tilers in Melbourne. You should know that these floor coatings are useful in preserving concrete surfaces and giving them impact resistance while producing a glossy finish.

Epoxy floor coating is made of polyamine hardener, epoxide resin and other additives. It is one of the most important qualities that this chemical reaction produces. This is good for bringing stability and endurance to the surface. This process helps in sealing and curing the surface that it is applied to and forming a firm bond. Ensure that you contact us to help you with wall and floor tiling contractors.

Here are some of the reasons that use epoxy floor coatings to determine the right choice for your space:

Appearance and Covering Defects

The epoxy floor coating gives your space a sleek look. The shiny surfaces complements any decorative lighting that you have in place. With the epoxy floor coating, it covers all the defects that your floor has sustained. This substance comes in a variety of colours and designs that provide options for your space in the right tones. Some of the decorative chips like mica and quartz are added to the epoxy mixture for a speckled look that adds better traction when you are walking on it.

Cost Effective

This epoxy is an affordable option as compared to other floor removal options. The purchase of new tile or vinyl and additional installation costs will only increase the price. All imperfections that arise are quickly treated so that you have affordable repair options.

Connect with our wall and floor tiling contractors to provide a worthwhile investment based on the length of time that flooring stays intact. Our wall and floor tilers will avoid poor application practices and will take the necessary steps needed while using protective measures.


You can choose epoxy coating to fortify your laundry room, production area, garage or basement as it blocks harmful elements that are sure to encroach on high-traffic spaces. The resistance that it provides adds to its reputation as a hardly flooring method. It bears the brunt of chemicals, water, heat and heavy shock.

Epoxy is shock resistant which shows that it is tough. You would not have to worry about heavy items like cars driving on the surface and it will not harm the coating. Once it is dried, epoxy also can resist certain levels of heat. Phosphorus-containing epoxies withstand the heat better than those without. This is added to the mixture in varying levels to achieve optimal resistance. Chemicals that are left behind from industrial production processes or accumulate from housework will not affect the epoxy coating. Whether its brake fluids or oil ending up on your flooring, you do not need to panic as it can be cleaned up easily without damaging the epoxy coating. The density and layering keep the chemicals from seeping through the concrete and leaving a harmful residue.

This water-resistant substance keeps the floors from distortion due to spills and flooding. This is based on the kind of epoxy which is more slippery than others when the water does not soak into the floor.


This Epoxy has a sealant and protects flooring and concrete floors. This impressive shield goes right over the underlying surface and since it forms a membrane of epoxy that bonds with the top of the flooring. This ensures that the surface does not crack or crumble and keeps the concrete from wearing down.


It can handle impacts and shocks and also withstand substantial weight. The tensile strength of epoxy sets it apart from its adhesives but the coating and epoxy remain a sturdy covering. The strength of the epoxy keeps it from peeling and tearing and it is stable enough to hold heavy loads and wear and tear. This epoxy is strong enough to ensure that it does not crack under pressure or lose its shape.

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