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What is an Adequate Amount to Spend on a Bathroom Renovation?

Are you thinking about remodelling your bathroom? It is an excellent investment to make, as it increases your home’s value and changes up your bathing experience. With the right design and fixtures, you will be ready to enjoy bathroom renovations that will completely transform the space into a personal sanctuary. However, you might be thinking about “How much should you be spending on a bathroom renovation? And what does it become too much?” In this article, we will be discussing the various factors that contribute to your remodelling budget.

  • Bathroom Size

This is a factor that quickly changes the budget you’d need to set aside for any bathroom renovations and repairs services. Unfortunately, your bathroom size cannot be changed, the bigger the bathroom, the more material it is going to consume, and this will set the base for any remodelling work you’ll undertake.

  • Contractors

Hiring external bathroom renovations services in Melbourne, their labour charges will be a significant contributor to your budget. That’s why many homeowners try to skip the contractors and do the remodelling themselves. A DIY remodelling has much to consider. Without a plan of action and multiple-expertise involved in bathroom renovation & repairs, such as masonry, electrical, plumbing, you can quickly go way beyond your budget. We suggest hiring contractors after going through a few of them and assess their cost after an in-depth consultation on various elements of the remodelling. Then you are sure to zero-in on a service that doesn’t compromise on the quality of work while being value for money.

  • Deadline

At first, a deadline doesn’t seem like a contributor to your budget; after all, it is just a timeline. However, if you wish to get the bathroom renovations services done in a short time, then the contractors will have to hire more personnel to finish the work and put in a rush order on materials. All these will hike up your budget. The best is to negotiate a win-win for both you and the contractor.

  • Design and Materials

Suppose you are looking at your bathroom’s complete transformation, such as adding a bathtub or including a shower room or new lighting systems to change the ambience. In that case, the design and materials will reflect in the budget. One good thing about hiring bathroom renovation services experts in Melbourne is that they will able to suggest and direct you towards achieving your vision for your bathroom by playing around with the design and alternatives for materials. A highly experienced remodelling contractor will be able to offer you multiple scenarios with multiple budgets, so you understand the implications and choose the one that suits your requirements.

Reliable Bathroom Renovations and Repairs Services for that Flawless, Impeccable and Luxurious Bathroom


Spotless traders are highly skilled and experienced bathroom renovations services in Melbourne, who offer turnkey remodelling solutions – we take care of everything from start to finish. With decades of experience renovating bathrooms, we’ve got you covered. We will plan the entire project and think of all possible challenges to weed away all problems before they crop up a highly reliable bathroom renovations and repairs experts.

This means you save time and money whilst enjoying the remodelling project.

At Spotless Trades, we take great pride in providing a seamless, mess-free and professional service. We will remove all rubbish and clean up the site to leave behind a dazzling new bathroom that you can begin to use right away. Ready to discuss your bathroom remodelling job? Contact us today! Fill in our contact form or call 0426 204 090.

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