What are the Tiling Options Required for Luxurious Pools?

Since you have completed your design for a luxurious indoor swimming pool, you would have also perfected the shape and style. Additionally, you will have to look into a good filtration system for a clean and clear pool. Similarly, you would choose the mood lighting, spa pool and sound system.

Your luxurious pool would not be complete without flawless tiles that reflect the light and finish of the pool room. When it comes to swimming pool tiling in Melbourneyou should give a lot of thought into selecting the design of the pool flooring just as you would for a carpet in your living room.

At Spotless Trades, we help determine the best designs for you. This is why we provide several stunning mosaics for your wellness area and indoor pool. The main tiling options for indoor pools are Glass Mosaic Tiles, Ceramic Tiles and Natural Stone Tiles. For pool surrounds, the pool tiling in Melbourne are Natural Stone Tiles and Ceramic Tiles.

Stunning Tiles for Luxurious Pools

Here are options for great tiling options of luxurious pools in Melbourne:


1. Iridescent Glass Tiles

Iridescent mosaics provide an element of charm with its tiles. With these tiles, it catches light from different angles, and this provides you with a rainbow colour spectrum in your very own swimming pool. We offer several stunning shades that are suitable for swimming pools, steam room and spa rooms. Though glass tiling can be expensive, we provide you with an alternative lower budget pool tiling in Melbourne that will add a dash of luxury to your pool.

2. Gold Fleck Glass Mosaic Tiles

You can add a touch of class and luxury to your pool and wellness area with Gold Fleck Glass Mosaic Tiles. In these tiles, streaks of gold weave through the tiles and give you vibes of luxuriousness and greatness.

3. Vitro Glass Mosaic Tiles

There’s a hint of sparkle in your tiles with Vitro Glass Mosaics. There is a mesmerising effect created with the reflective glass of Vitro. It reflects light off the surface of the mosaics as water moves over it. These tiles are mesh-mounted mosaics with both indoor and outdoor use.

4. Small-Format Mosaic Tiles

With a classic appearance, these small-format mosaic tiles provide a great impression. By complementing the transparency of the pool water, it gives you a beautiful glow. You can be sure that this tiling is ideal for curved surfaces.

5. Porcelain Tiles or Natural Stone

These natural stone and porcelain tiles offer high performance and low maintenance and thus a popular choice for customers. These natural stones provide a permanent, elegant feel for wellness areas and a lovely pool. Some of these designs come in marble and limestone designs.

6. Ceramic Tiles

When it comes to ceramic tiles, they are great for cool and warm temperatures and impervious to UV radiation. It is also strongly resistant to lyes and acids that make them an excellent option for swimming pools. These ceramic tiles do not emit harmful pollutants, and attractive appearance of tiling does not get damaged even after decades. These tiles are the most sustainable choices for tiling from all perspectives.

More Advice

These tiles need specific installation techniques, equipment and materials. Pools are based on the size, colour and other trends.

Size Matters

While ceramic mosaics range from 23mm square to 95 x 45mm rectangles, glass mosaics range from 20mm to 48mm in size. Usually, one should not use tiles bigger than 100mm to fully tile a pool as it is difficult to make it look great due to curved bottoms based on concrete swimming pools. But the most common sizes are 20mm to 58mm.

Colour Coordination

The most popular colours for swimming pools are blue tiles. These are available in both light and dark shades for glass and ceramic. Some people use white tiles to get a light blue watercolour. Black, Aqua and Charcoal tiles are also popular colours. There are some that enjoy the green tone and red tiles in their pool.


Traditionally, tiles were square, but rectangular tiles have increased in popularity over the past five years. Pool tiles are a little different from indoor pool tiles. While pool tiles can be of high temperature and have low water absorption, which is not suitable for swimming pools. Also, usually, these tiles are supplied in a sheet format, and so this makes it easy to lay with a mesh backing. The grout is different for indoor pools and also for different coloured tiles. The most popular colours for grout is either grey or white. With the right grout colour, you can be sure that it complements the tile colour and shape well and provides the right balance.

Latest trends

When it comes to the latest pool tile trends, it is the increased use of mosaic blends. These mosaic blends are a mix of at least three different coloured tiles. These tiles can be subtle like a 20mm white blend or a dramatic black 23mm.

Though mosaic pictures are popular with ancient Romans, the trend today is towards minimalism which means that there is not a common sight for the average backyard pool. Mosaic pictures are personal items to swimming pools, and only a small part of the pools include them in it. The main design trend at this time frame is minimalism, and so people do not include it. Normally, people buy them like decorations that have a personal reach for incorporating a design in the pool or feature wall.

Contact us at 0426 204 090 if you are looking for a swimming pool tiling in Melbourne. Our pool tilers in Melbourne will help you choose the best tiles for your pool. If you need help in determining the best pool tiles for your luxury pool or wellness area, then you can request us for a free chat with our experts. We will provide you with all the information and details required to stay informed and in the know about different types of tiling and what you should choose for your pool.

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