Bathroom Shower Repairs Melbourne

Affordable Bathroom Shower Repairs in Melbourne

A leaking shower is trouble! It can damage your floors, walls, carpets, ceilings, plaster, bricks and wood. Not to forget the mould and mildew it creates. If you are worried about a leaking shower, get in touch with Spotless Trades today! We are a professional trade company specialising in affordable bathroom shower repairs in Melbourne.


With many years of experience in shower repairs, our technicians will fix your leaking shower quickly and efficiently. We get it right the first time to deliver lasting results. We do not believe in quick-fix jobs that will have you scampering around in no time. All our workmanship is backed by a 7-year warranty for your complete peace of mind.

Bathroom Shower Repairs Melbourne
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Signs of a Leaking Shower

Over the years, we have fixed all types of shower leaks. However, the best way to avoid costly repairs is to fix a shower leak as soon as you detect one. Here are some signs to keep out for to identify a leaking shower:


  • Swollen door architraves, lifted floor boards, and rotten skirting boards around the leaky bathroom.
  • Moving or cracked tiles, missing or cracked grout or even a small hole in the shower can result in serious leakage.
  • An unsealed-tap could also send water running into the wall.
  • Mouldy or split silicone seals around the shower floor’s perimeter can also leak water into the floors and walls before spreading to the rest of the bathroom.
  • Damaged or split waterproof membrane can also cause water to seep into timber flooring, which can damage the structural frame beneath.


Quality Waterproofing Services

We provide a range of waterproofing solutions to repair your shower area depending on the extent of the damage. Minor shower leaks can be fixed using a clear waterproof coating system that does not require the removal of tiles. This polyurethane coating cures to create a tough, clear, flexible, durable and antic-scratch waterproofing coat in a clear gloss finish.


More complex leaking showers might call for a more extensive job. We may have to remove some or all tiles to remedy the problem.


Grout and Seal Replacement

We will re-grout the shower floor, hob joints and perimeter junctions. We will also repair the waterproofing membranes and insert liquid membrane beneath the floor tiles to repair any problematic waterproof membranes.


We will then re-grout the floor joints using an epoxy or waterproof grout. Next, we seal all perimeter joints as well as wall joints using a waterproof sealant. We may even de-grout and re-grout all the showers if needed.


Shower Rebuild

In certain situations, either due to customer’s preference or due to the extent of the damage, we may recommend an entire shower rebuild. We will take care of the entire process so you won’t have to worry.


Our qualified tradesmen will offer a complete shower waterproofing and retiling service and give your shower area a brand-new look.


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