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Ideas for Matching Wall and Floor Tiles

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Usually, there are two schools of thought when it comes to tiling the bathroom. One suggests that wall and floor tiles should complement each other but should not match. This is because a matching floor and wall would make the room feel smaller and more closed up. The other feels that running floor tile up the wall is a dramatic way to add interest to the bathroom when you are using large tiles.

How to Go About Matching Floor and Wall Tiles

There are a number of ways to match wall and floor tiles. Here are some tried and tested ideas for making gorgeous matching tile designs for your bathroom:

1.  Match the Style but Not the Size

An interesting way to match floor and wall tiles is to match the colour and style but use different sizes. Certain porcelain tiles come in 12-inch squares and in 12-inch by 24-inch rectangles. By installing the large tiles on the floor and continuing up the walls with smaller tiles it creates a monochromatic look.

2. Use Bold Colours

Don’t be limited by just solid colour tiles when designing your bathroom. You can choose dazzling glass on both walls and the floor. Also, you can try one continuous look with the same-sized tiles or use rectangular glass tiles on the floor and square tiles on the walls.

3. Try Textures

When you are trying for unique aesthetic look, choose tiles with interesting colour variations and textures. This could include natural stones like marble, travertine, granite and slate. Here, you can achieve varying colours and textures of organic materials. Unlike solids coloured tiles, you can get perfect continuity while differentiating the walls from the floor and get a great design in the process.

4. Use Shapes to Your Advantage

Why stick to squares and rectangles for your bathroom? You can choose large hexagon tiles and honeycomb tiles that can be used to cover the floor and continue its way up the walls. This creates a vivid texture and interest. Certain mosaic tiles like the blue and aqua glass mosaic tiles have a different  size and more fluid look.

You should not be afraid to experiment with different types of tiles for the floor and walls to get the right match for you. In case you are looking for clean lines and minimalism, then you should choose tiles that are uniform in shape and solid in colour. But, if you are looking for matching patterned or textured tiles then this is perfect for the adventurous person in you. The sky is the limit for matching floor and wall tiles and this sensational look will continue to be on-trend well into the next decade.

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