How to Choose the Best Epoxy Floor Coating


When deciding to coat the floor of your new home or business, it can always be a hassle deciding what to do. This is a very permanent decision and you want to make sure that you’re doing the right thing before slathering every inch of your floor with something you want to be sure of.

Which is why in this case, we suggest a resinous/epoxy covered floor for your troubles!

Our recommendation is that you do your research before you decide to choose this kind of flooring. With the help of our knowledge, we hope our tips can help you make your decision with confidence.

A good place to start would be to figure out what your budget is. If you are not willing to spend a certain amount, you can be sure that your finish won’t look as good as the finish you might see in pictures or references. You need to ensure that the kind of look you want fits into your budget before you start agreeing to have your floor covered with an epoxy coating. If you have a low budget, you can still get an epoxy floor coating just that it will have a high tendency of peeling off and not staying for a long amount of time depending on how often that floor is used. But if applied properly and taken care of well, epoxy floors can last well more than 15+ years.

If you do it yourself, you significantly bring down the price of your overall cost. From a cheap 1$ minimum per square foot, your price can go up to a minimum of 4$ per square foot if you have someone do it for you. If you’re looking at maintaining your money, we would suggest applying it yourself to make the most out of it. But getting it done yourself has its restrictions. More often than not, most people are not experienced enough to apply in large spaces. It may cause unevenness in the floors, reduced wear and tear due to amateur application and low quality of epoxy mix resulting in continuous problems with the coat.

There are different kinds of finishes based on the kind of look you want.

They can be classified into:

  • Color flake finish
  • Light flake finish
  • Heavy flake finish
  • Solid color finish

The finish you would like boils down to how you would find the look and what would functionally work for you based on the kind of work you do in the area.

Next would be the durability of the epoxy you use. There are generally a few levels to the epoxy that can be used:

  • Industrial grade epoxy at 4 mg abrasion loss: This type epoxy ensures that your floor is at low flammability levels, doesn’t absorb any moisture, doesn’t allow easy bacteria and fungal growth and has a low fade rate.
  • Commercial grade at 8 mg abrasion loss: Low maintenance type flooring suitable for use in chemical plants and labs. Non-slippery in nature to ensure safety.
  • Residential grade at 20 mg abrasion loss: A visually even coat of this would really spruce up your space. Once again, non-slippery and generally has high gloss options.

In this case, abrasion loss refers to when the surface goes through any and all kinds of damage. For example:

  • Scratches
  • Rubbing
  • Wear and tear


Basically the lower the mg rate, the better as this supports heavy-duty movement on its surface. It is important to know how much mg abrasion loss the epoxy you are choosing can take.

It is important to keep these factors in mind when picking out the perfect epoxy flooring for your space. All in all, it is an extremely beneficial type of flooring to use, especially in the case of industrial use due to its low cost and visually stunning finish.

It’s best to apply such flooring on a surface that is porous to ensure that it can properly stick on to the surface. You can test whether the floor is already sealed or not to make sure that it will work best for the epoxy. In addition, make sure there are no cracks in the flooring and that the basic fundamental structure of the floor is of good quality. When you ensure that floor and temperature are of optimal quality, you can make sure that your epoxy surface peels.

Some of the benefits of an epoxy floored surface are:

  • Shiny and visually stunning surface that brightens up the room
  • Extremely tough surface that can withstand heavy wear and tear
  • Easily applicable to any kind of floor with minor adjustments if required
  • Cheap and quick to install
  • Improved safety standards in your space when applied
  • Can be used to cover up cracks in a surface if required

This is great in investment in your space as this offers a high quality flooring solution for low prices.

At Spotless Trades, we are highly experienced in providing excellent application of epoxy on your floors. We have had many years of experience and have applied it on many floors. Our experience helps us ensure that the coat we have applied is long-lasting and of the highest quality.

Why choose us?

We offer:

  • Bespoke solutions for your home and space. We understand that every location is different and will require different plans to make the best of it. We take into consideration every requirement you will have for your space and do our best to provide you with the best possible solution.
  • Exception quality of the application. While we may be one of many offering similar solutions, we can guarantee a high-quality finish of any of our services. Our team has had years of experience and ensures that they are put to good use.
  • Quick and efficient service providers. We ensure that we get the job done on time. Our friendly staff will see to it that all your queries are answered and taken care of.

To find out more about what we do and our services, you can read more here.

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