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How to Check and Fix a Leaking Bathroom Shower?

Leaking showers can make your water bills skyrocket and the sound of water dripping could make it difficult for you to sleep. A leaky shower can destroy the structural integrity of your home. This is why bathroom shower repairs should be done as soon as possible. Bathroom remodeling contractors are the people to contact for your bathroom renovations and repairs in Melbourne. 

It can be a challenge to identify the causes of leaking showers, but your bathroom remodeling contractors who are skilled in this arena, can find out the cause of the leaking shower.

  1. Take Off the Shower Head: Usually a loose shower head is one of the most common reasons for leaks. You can tighten the shower head to see it if it stops leaking. Otherwise, the shower head should be replaced. To ensure that your shower fixture is not damaged, you can use a towel as a preventive layer before you remove the head with a wrench.
  2. Review the O-ring: After unscrewing the head, check the O-ring. This black rubber ring acts like a seal inside the shower head. You need to determine if the O-ring has been damaged or if it becomes hard. These O-rings can solidify and crack in time.In this case, you can replace the O-ring and have the shower working as good as new. Just get a replacement O-ring and replace it in the shower head.
  3. Check the Inside of the Shower Head:In case the O-ring bathroom shower repair seems fine then you need to use a screwdriver and take off the shower head face plate. Check and see if there is debris that is obstructing the holes of the shower head. There are times when there are white buildups of calcium that cause the blockage. This causes the shower to leak even after the taps are turned off. You would need a little elbow grease and scrub it, to get it working again. Otherwise, you can put the shower head in white vinegar for up to 9 hours. This vinegar would loosen the calcium deposits which you can then remove with hot water and a brush.

Once you have identified the issue and found the right solution for it, you will have to re-attach the shower head and use a towel for protection again.

If there is still a leak after reattaching the shower head then it is probably an internal leak. But, before you decide to break any tiles, Spotless Trades can provide you with a technician that will help you with the problem at hand. We are a family run company that does everything it takes to satisfy our customers. We guarantee both price and quality of work.

If you have been able to find the source of the problem, the fix may not be as simple as replacing an O-ring. This is where Spotless Trades provides you with the skilled and experienced solutions without destroying your bathroom. Just call us at +61 426 204 090 and we will give you a free quote and help you on your way to having a leak-free bathroom.

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