Cost of Swimming Pool Tiling in Melbourne


The cost of swimming pool tiling Melbourne depends upon the size of the swimming pool. The larger the size of the swimming pool the more will be the cost of pool tiling. On an average the pool tiling cost is around  $87.50/m2. If the pool is small and the tiles are easy to install, the rate can be around $60/m2 but if the pool is quite large and if complex tasks are required then you might need to pay as much as $90/m2.

Pool Tiling Cost Factors


Project costs vary from pool to pool because no two pools are exactly the same. The shape and size of each pool is different and the only way to get the right quote is by asking a pool tiler to do a site visit. Thereafter, in order to provide you with a reasonable quote, a pool tiler will consider several factors.

The final cost of a pool tiling project depends upon the kind of tiling you choose for your pool. The most common tile among all the tiles are porcelain tiles but the only problem with them is that they are very fragile. Otherwise, they are very easy to install and require low maintenance.

On the other hand, mosaic tiles are a good option for aesthetic appeal. They are the combination of the different attractive designs and colours and can be used to enhance the beauty of your pool. If you have no budget constraint, you can opt for glass pool tiles. Glass pool tiles are very durable but are much more costlier than another tiles and their installation is not at all easy. Get in touch with us for more information.

Pool tiling businesses charges on a per square metre basis. If you have a large pool that is curved in some areas or is unevenly shaped, it will cost you more. The cost involved in an average-sized rectangular pool is comparatively less as installing tiles in a pool that is uneven or curvy is difficult compared to an average-sized rectangular pool.

If you opt for any additional services that are required prior to installation or you want to remove the old tiles before installing new ones then you will be charged a bit more than the average rate.

The cost of your job also depends on your location

Pool tiling business in the states like Queensland charge around $44/m2 for their services whilst the rate is more in New South Wales. It is around $46/m2 New South Wales. On the other hand, in Western Australia, the similar kind of service costs around $60/m2.

At Spotless Trades, we have fully licensed and qualified pool tilers in Melbourne to ensure that you get the top-quality service. Give us a call for more information. We will be happy to help you.

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