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An Essential Checklist for Bathroom Renovation

If you are a new homeowner, remodelling the house to add a bit of your own style and personality is sure to be on your mind. Kitchens and bathrooms are the first-place people start to remodel. Bathroom renovation companies will offer excellent new designs and ideas to upgrade the current bathroom to add your personal touch of style and luxury.


Apart from aesthetic appeal, a bathroom renovation will enhance the value of your newly bought home and even help you save on utilities by switching to energy-efficient bathroom fixtures. To ensure you get a bathroom that reflects your personality, it is good to avail the bathroom renovation company’s services to ensure a top-quality job, with your design requirements, budget and timelines.


Before you jump the gun and hire bathroom renovation contractors, it is good to have a method or strategy to employ reputed and highly experienced bathroom renovations services. One way to go about it is to use a checklist to assess the remodelling services.


The Best Bathroom Renovations Checklist:


Making a checklist helps put in all the variables and essential aspects of a project to prioritise. A bathroom renovation checklist will help you take on and complete your bathroom remodelling project successfully.


  1. Planning – Understanding what needs to be done, and putting it out in exact format will help everyone. Assessing the existing bathroom, choosing what stays and what goes, gathering ideas through online browsing, all of these will help you determine the scope of the project. It will help you to talk in clear and no uncertain terms your thoughts and ideas when bathroom renovation companies come to consult and offer their suggestions. Proper planning will ensure you are prepared for common pitfalls and overcome them to finish your bathroom renovations projects smoothly.
  2. Budget – a remodeling project will cost money, but just how much are you earmarking for it will decide all the other aspects in a better way. Bathroom renovations services labour, plumbing fixtures, size of the bathroom, and quality of materials are the costing aspects of the renovations. Many highly experienced and skilled bathroom renovation companies will try to work out the best design solutions by balancing quality and cost to achieve a desirable outcome.
  3. Design Styles – it is a personal choice. Bathroom renovation offers you a plethora of design styles when choosing tiles, plumbing fixtures, paint colour, showers, tubs, etc. Each of these is available in multiple design styles, across a range of prices. When you are assessing bathroom renovation companies for the project, you’ll be able to tell their experience and skill with their craft, when they advise on achieving your desired design styles along with functionality, by using quality supplies, all within your set budget.
  4. Plumbing – If the new house’s plumbing isn’t upgraded to be energy efficient, the bathroom renovation project is an excellent way to get that done as well. New age bathroom fixtures like low-volume flush tanks, energy-efficient showerheads, will add to your saving on utility bills. Best bathroom renovation companies are always aware and knowledgeable about the latest in bathroom technologies and can offer you better fixtures choice that works for you.
  5. Lighting: Lighting plays a significant role in setting the ambience of your bathroom. Recessed lighting, with dimmer functions, will transform a simple bathroom into a luxurious experience. Many energy-efficient LED-based lighting systems can create a great ambience without eating up too much power. Ask your bathroom renovation services company for suggestions.

Spotless Trades – How to renovate your bathroom with luxury bathroom products

We provide the complete range of bathroom renovation services from helping with the design and demolishing your old bathroom to plumbing, tiling, electrical works, waterproofing and building your new bathroom. Whether you’d like to add a new window or move a door, whether you want help creating a custom vanity or you’d like to add a skylight, we’ve got you covered.


At Spotless Trades, we take great pride in providing a seamless, mess-free and professional service. We will remove all rubbish and clean up the site to leave behind a dazzling new bathroom that you can begin to use right away.


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